Naloxone Training

What does the training cover?

• Overdose risk factors and how to identify an opioid overdose.

• The myths and facts of opioid overdose.

• How to prevent an opioid overdose – this is lifesaving information.

• How to respond to an overdose as a first aider.

• How naloxone works and how to administer naloxone.

• The training takes about 2 hours to complete.

• Lunch is provided for FREE while each person waits to see the Doctor to get their naloxone.

• A FREE consultation with the Doctor, make sure you bring along your Medicare card.

• You will be prescribed FREE naloxone.

• A take-home naloxone kit is provided for FREE with everything you need to use the naloxone.

Please contact WASUA to register your interest. We are happy to remind you monthly until you have attended the training. Phone 9325 8387 and register your interest in the Naloxone Training.

Overdose Prevention and Management (OPAM)

Have you seen an Overdose?

Did you know what to do?

Do you want to become a peer educator and help save lives?

Come and learn how to responded an overdose and provide First Aid.

Learn how to teach others life saving techniques and how to inject more safely.

Be a part of WASUA’s peer education program.

Phone 9325 8387 and register your interest in OPAM.